The FAST-SMART Project had its 6 Months meeting on the 14th of October 2020. 27 representatives from the 13 Partner organisations, along with Project Officer, Dr Achilleas Stalios, attended this meeting.

The project co-ordinator, Professor Yi Qin from University of Strathclyde, welcomed all the partners attending the project meeting. Then the work package leaders presented the progresses made over the last 6 months including the progress in material development, designs of the sintering machine and tools, and the development of hybrid PV/TE, TE, and PE energy harvesters. After reviewing the progress in each work package, discussions were made among all the partners regarding the plan for the next 6 months and the interaction between partners.



















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Project Acronym: FAST-SMARTProject
Title:  FAST and Nano-Enabled SMART Materials, and Systems for Energy Harvesting

This project is supported by the European Commission under the HORIZON2020 Framework Programme