Proud to be a team, proud to be partners of FAST-SMART project.

The FAST-SMART initiative has assembled a leading team that is internationally competent to address the development needs identified and that will contribute to place Europe in a polar position in research and technological development of smart materials, structures and systems for energy harvesting.

The project is coordinated by Prof. Yi Qin representing the University of Strathclyde in UK.

The consortium consists of 13 partners: 5 universities, 1 research center and 7 Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) belonging to UK and other 7 European countries: France, Italy, Greece, Spain, Belgium, Romania and Germany.  FAST-SMART partners are complementary vertically in covering all the processes in the value chain, from material development, product design and manufacturing, to industrial applications, as well as material waste management and reuses, and horizontally, in supporting each other within the same groups of activities with the goal to commercialise valuable products.

Skills and capabilities have been selected in order to undertake the work assigned and are reflected by: world-class materials and manufacturing research facilities, internationally leading research teams in UoS, BIM, NTUA, USMB, THK and EU leading SMEs MBN, CTEC in materials and energy harvesting device developments,  GAE in environmental safety, IRES in innovation management, PAS in advanced tooling and AVN and D4S for large scale engineering application tests. Financially, SMEs have a total budget of 3517.9K Euros, accounting for 50.65 % of the project’s overall budget.