FAST and Nano-Enabled SMART Materials, Structures and Systems for Energy Harvesting

This project is supported by the European Commission under the HORIZON2020 Framework Programme

Energy harvesters for hybrid engines

Energy harvesters for solar panels

Sensors for railway applications

PLUG AND FORGET is the inspirational motif that generated FAST-SMART, an international European project funded by EC that gathered together for 48 months top-rated universities, research centres and companies expert in materials, solar panels and transport systems.

The objective of the project is to improve the efficiency of how we can collect alternative forms of energies generated by our surroundings (e.g. light, heat, mechanical vibrations) and convert them in energy that we can reuse to feed our devices, such as sensors and solar panels. This process is called ENERGY HARVESTING.

Energy harvesting happens using devices called ENERGY HARVESTERS. Their science and development is relatively new and, at the moment, it is possible to obtain only small amounts of energy that, by the way, can already allow small devices such as mobile phones handset to have their own power supply without being plugged.

Energy harvesting is beneficial to our environment because reuse natural forms of energies that otherwise would be dissipated or wasted.

At present energy harvesters are produced using toxic material (such as Lead) and other strategic materials classified as Critical Raw Materials (such as Titanium) available in limited quantities in Europe and making our continent vulnerable and dependent from external sources.

FAST-SMART project aims to develop energy harvesters based on new materials without elements that can harm our planet or elements no present in Europe mining portfolio. In particular, two categories of energy harvesters will be innovated: piezoelectric and thermoelectric and tested in three application fields: sensors for railway track vibration detection, solar panels and hybrid engines.  FAST SMART project will bring innovation not only in materials but also in the assembly steps, with more efficient low energy consumption synthesis process and faster assembly techniques.

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Overview of the FAST-SMART project

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FAST-SMART Project Overall Structure

FASTER and GREENER are the main characteristics of FAST SMART technologies.
We aim to produce more efficient, reliable and cost – effective energy harvesters decreasing drastically the use of rare – elements and eliminating Lead and Critical Raw Materials.
Our methodology is based on a 4 – year Work Plan constituted by 9 Work Packages. The concept behind the project is to improve materials, process chain and final products through the redesign of each single production step, in particular:

  • Upscaling hydrothermal process for Nano lead-free piezoelectric BCZT with controlled stoichiometry;
  • Upscaling high-energy ball mining (HEBM) for Nano-structured thermoelectric Mg-Silicide (MgS) materials and Hf- free half-Heusler alloys;
  • Delivering high-performance and low-cost Piezoelectric (PE) and Thermoelectric (TE) materials for high – efficient energy harvesters for the railway, photovoltaic and automotive sector. Click here to discover the end users of the project.


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Professor Yi Qin

Project Coordinator

Centre for Precision Manufacturing
Design, Manufacturing and Engineering Management
The University of Strathclyde, UK

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Project Exploitation Manager

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